The Cause

Child sexual abuse allegations in custody cases are rare (about 6%) and the majority of allegations are substantiated (2/3) from: Thoenness & Tjaden, The Extent, Nature, And Validity Of Sexual Abuse Allegations In Custody Disputes 14(2) Child Sexual Abuse & Neglect 151-63 (1990)

Myth: Abusive fathers don’t get custody.

Truth: Abusive parents are more likely to seek sole custody than non-violent ones (American Psychological Association, Violence And The Family: Report Of The APA Presidential Task Force On Violence And The Family (1996)

And they are successful about 70% of the time. (American Judges Foundation, Domestic Violence and the Court House, Understanding the Problem..Knowing the Victim


of women who marry pedophiles were incest victims as children

Click the PDF button to read even more myths surrounding issues of child sexual abuse. These common misconceptions are only adding to the overall ignorance of the situation instead of garnering real change.Facts About Child Sexual Abuse