The Protect the Children Campaign’s goal is to spread awareness as far reaching as possible in the hopes of positive change in the lives of helpless children. With the help of press outlets, that message will be significantly more impactful.

Protect the Children is seeking press coverage. Please fill out the form for access to brand materials, PSAs, and our press release. These will be accessed through FTP and Dropbox.

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National Public Service Announcements

“As a psychiatric nurse and then an FBI agent, I saw firsthand the horrible consequences of all kinds of child abuse.

Since child victims cannot rescue themselves, we adults need to step up and step into their lives to help.

That’s why I sit on the board of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse. Without nonprofits such as MASA, victims and their

protectors would have nowhere to go for accurate information on this very serious subject, as well as access to

highly professional guidance. MASA provides investigative advice and legal referrals, as well as the psychological

support victims need to deal with the crisis. I am proud to be a member of the Board of Directors.”

– Candice DeLong

15 second PSA

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45 second PSA

1 minute PSA

Protect the Children Interviews

Personal interviews from the founders and board members of Protect the Children advocating the campaign. 

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Dr. Claire Reeves – Interview

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Chad Augustine – Interview

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.44.15 PM

Candice DeLong – Interview

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Arthur Cooksey – Interview