PTC: Press Release

PTC: Press Release


Please contact: Dr. Claire Reeves
SPONSORED BY: Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, MASA

The “Protect The Children” campaign will be kicked off August 19, 2016. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and education about all child abuse. When MASA was founded the 25th of March, 1992 we became one of the first 501©3 not for profit organizations to exclusively fight sexual abuse of children. Since that time the situation has become much worse than in 1992. We now have human sex trafficking; pedophiles can come, via computers, right into a child’s bedroom to reach the children, domestic violence in the home is also a major factor with child victims. When a child is not safe to go to school or shopping malls, it is time that something was done. According to Tamron Hall, a journalist for CBS News, there have been over 200 school shootings in the last couple of years. When do we say enough is enough!

A public service announcement will be released in the next few weeks. Also we will have a new website telling you how you can get involved. The website is called and will show ways that you can help. Child abuse is everybody’s problem; it is impossible to look the other way when you know that a child is in danger. Just a few of the topics will be better training for law enforcement in recognizing the symptoms of child abuse. Calling the social service agencies to investigate a crime is preposterous. They also lack the training to recognize signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse. Mistakes are being made across this nation and children are not being believed. For a child who has been sexually abused it should be quite obvious that young children have no frame or reference about sexual acts unless they had actually experienced them. We must start believing the children.

Please join our quest to protect our children. They are our greatest natural resource and they are the future. We also need funding for these programs. No amount is too small. Every person must be a voice for the children who have no voice and no choice!

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