Get Involved

We are inviting all 501©3 organizations to partner with us in this campaign.  Together we can make a difference for the children.  Child trafficking is a heinous, but true fact.  If by rescuing one child it would be incredible.  Please help us in rescuing all of the children who are being enslaved by predators in this country.


Our goal is to unite all of the organizations in a common goal and that is to protect the children.  Children must be believed when they tell a parent, teacher or other trusted adult that they are being abused.  Children do not lie about this crime.  They have no frame of reference about sexual acts.  Why is it so difficult to believe the child, no matter what the age of the child?  Maybe the reality of a little child being abused is just too difficult to comprehend?  Think about what it must be for the little child enduring the abuse!